First thing's first.  We are not in the DJ business.  Technology today makes it very easy for anyone to call themselves a "DJ."  The problem with that is, they don't have the experience to know that whatever "they" think is a great party song, may not necessarily be the same opinion as the rest of the guests.  

We are in the people business.  We read and interact with our audience, and tailor our musical selections based a combination of what you have delegated for us, and their reactions to our choices.  We go "fishing" with our music, until we find something that garners a reaction.

Customer service is our number one priority.  During the booking process, we give you the option to customize every detail of your event.  It is our mission to ensure every expectation for your event is met, and make your event as stress free, and enjoyable as possible. 


We let you set the pace.  We can be the structure for your event, and make sure the event moves along at a steady pace.  Or, we will "go with the flow," and let you set your own pace.  We understand the need for flexibility.  

We will also coordinate with the other vendors at your event, in order to ensure everyone is on the same page, and everyone is informed to be in position.  If we are getting ready to announce your first dance, it is important that the photographer is in position and ready, and not outside taking other pictures.  We'll help keep them informed on where we are at in the event.

School Functions

Let's face it.  Top 40 music is pushing the boundary of being clean and family friendly more than ever.  There is music out there that though some of your students may listen to it on their own and request it, it is just not appropriate for a school function.  We will keep those songs out of the lineup.  We'll keep a good mixture that will keep the students active and your worries at bay.  

Corporate Events

Whether it's in store entertainment, a grand opening celebration, company holiday party, fundraiser, casino night or just a good ol' party, we've got you covered!  We can assist with all announcements, formalities, raffles, introductions and any other duties you might need performed.  Some of our clients include; Mercy, Wal-Mart, and Downstream Casino to name a few.

Our Story

We have been the benchmark entertainment company in the Joplin area for close to fifteen years.  We have provided musical entertainment for different kinds of events, ranging from birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, all the way to concert style events.  From 200 guests to 2,000, we have experience with nearly every type of event scenario, and continue to leave every event with happy customers.  

We pride on letting our music speak for us.  Too many times, we have seen others try to be overly enthusiastic on the microphone, and take away from your big day.  We find a happy balance between crowd interaction, and letting you have a good time with your guests.